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Brand Consulting, we are brand creators: experts in intelligent thinking, creative marketing ideas, and fresh technological solutions. We help our clients identify and solve their needs and market challenges. Whether it’s a modernization of an existing identity or a more comprehensive strategic branding exercise, our […]



Communication and creativity can make a big difference for change. When we align our values ​​and our creativity, we can face the challenges of a changing world. That is why we believe in a fundamental premise: to develop projects that we really believe in, always […]

Graphic design

Graphic design

We maintain the objective of achieving that the product, project, campaign or image of the company transmits the quality and professionalism that is required today. This translates into a correct study of each case, to the generation of visual communication pieces that manage to focus efforts on the positioning and scope of the goals.

We are professionals capable of projecting, materializing and managing graphic design projects and visual language aimed at contributing to social and cultural development with a great command of visual, technological and critical language.

We are focused on the creative development of graphic conception and audiovisual language, specifying the dissemination and communication of positive ideas.


On the one hand, the term “identity” refers to DNA and essence. And, on the other hand, the term ‘corporate’ refers to the company. Thus, corporate identity is the character of a company and limits, beyond its aesthetic features, deeper intangible aspects such as its values, its principles and how both are expressed. In this way, all its stakeholders perceive the company in the same way and receive the same message.

Therefore, all the resources that are born from a corporate identity are useful and profitable communication tools that express what a company does and also, how and for what client it does. Because when designing, developing and implementing, the company’s personality is strengthened; something that contributes to its consolidation in the market.

In a highly competitive environment, companies need visibility for customers to decide on one or the other company. Marketing campaigns or website development help make the company visible; the corporative identity allows them to take these actions in the same direction. Being visible is not only to stand out from your competition but also to communicate who they are, what they do, how they do it and who they do it for. Creating a corporate identity goes beyond visual identity and focuses on the perception that the company projects. Deepening this perception is an indispensable asset for any company, large or small, to grow and progress.

Our team knows the means available to carry out your idea. You will have the reliability offered by a team of professionals who take care of the entire process; from corporate identity design and branding to the web hosting necessary to make your brand visible on social networks and all kinds of audiovisual media that will give a great impact to your project.

In ABBA Design you will have the support of a team of professionals in different marketing areas such as web development, positioning and, of course, the generation of a solid corporate image.

Agencia Digital

Producción de Video

Producción de Video


Damos vida a las ideas en la pantalla de maneras que mejoran, mueven y obligan. Ya sea que se trate de armar un equipo para una producción comercial, analizar el resumen de la campaña de una agencia o generar ideas de contenido para una empresa emergente, nos comprometemos de manera práctica, honesta y creativa con los desafíos que tenemos entre manos.

Creemos que este enfoque ha creado y continuará creando excelentes producciones para nuestros clientes.

¿Por qué invertir en producción de video corporativo?

Con un mayor volumen de videos compartidos en línea en todas las plataformas sociales, los videos corporativos se pueden compartir fácilmente, aumentando el alcance de su compañía. Algunas de las razones clave para contratar a una compañía de producción de videos para que lo haga por usted incluyen lo siguiente:

• El video como medio, incluido el video corporativo, tiene mucho más impacto que el texto sin formato.

• El uso de Internet va en aumento y, como resultado, el video nunca ha sido tan importante como una herramienta de contenido atractiva para atraer y abrir un diálogo con su público objetivo para lograr sus objetivos de comunicación

Un video corporativo en el sitio web de una compañía es una excelente manera de presentar los productos y servicios disponibles. Tiene un impacto mucho más inmediato en comparación con el texto o las imágenes. A menudo, el proceso de producción o entrega de su organización se presenta en una visión general, y se hace hincapié en el valor que su organización creará para sus posibles clientes.

Un video bien hecho lo sitúa por delante de la competencia y le permite alcanzar sus objetivos de comunicación con impacto